New England Fish Chowder

Bowl of fish chowder with a small plate of crackers in the background.

Consider this a sequel of sorts to the Boston Baked Beans (because it’s the flip side to finding salt pork in the grocery) or as a suppertime alternative to my clam chowder.

My goal was a simple and easy to cook fish chowder as authentic as I could make. The salt pork went a long way towards the goal. But you could also use bacon if need be.

I could not find common crackers, unfortunately, and Nabisco Crown Pilot Crackers are no longer made. They figured prominently in many of the recipes I found.

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Old-fashioned & Homemade Boston Baked Beans

Pot of Boston baked beans sitting on a pot-holder.

Our first adventure with Boston Baked Beans all started one day while sauntering down the back aisle at the grocery store. (We food blog types tend to saunter when surrounded by food.)

And out of the corner of my eye I spied salt pork. From a local (Kansas City) meat company. Calling to me from the refrigerated display case.

I stopped short when I spotted it and grinned. My wife raised one eyebrow and asked simply, “What?”

“I’m thinking New England. Baked beans. Maybe a fish chowder.”


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