Cream of Mushroom Soup

Bowl of soup with fresh mushrooms in the background.

I’ve always considered cream of mushroom soup an ingredient more so than a dish to eat. You know, for example, a standard component of grandma’s casseroles.

But done well, this is an incredibly luxurious soup to serve beside a salad or as a first course to a meal.

This is just one of the soups I’ve shared here, Pasta e Fagioli and Split Pea being some of the others. I’ve heard some people say they consider soups and stews mainly winter foods but I tend to make them year-round as the spirit moves me.

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Homemade Guacamole

Homemade guacamole in a molcajete surrounded by tortilla chips.

Before we do anything else, let’s all agree that good guacamole begins with good avocados.

And as a matter of fact, if we did nothing other than mash up a couple of good avocados and sprinkle it with a pinch of salt or two, it’d still be pretty great.

Granted, almost no one stops there. But you could easily enough! The best guacamole tends to be the simplest.

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New England Fish Chowder

Bowl of fish chowder with a small plate of crackers in the background.

Consider this a sequel of sorts to the Boston Baked Beans (because it’s the flip side to finding salt pork in the grocery) or as a suppertime alternative to my clam chowder.

My goal was a simple and easy to cook fish chowder as authentic as I could make. The salt pork went a long way towards the goal. But you could also use bacon if need be.

I could not find common crackers, unfortunately, and Nabisco Crown Pilot Crackers are no longer made. They figured prominently in many of the recipes I found.

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Im-Pasta (meatless) Sauce

A go-to marinara with cremini mushrooms and chickpeas standing in for ground beef. Filling but lighter, still protein-rich, and delicious. Visit to learn more.

I’ve shared my fresh tomato sauce before. But what happens when tomatoes are out of season? Besides general sadness, that is.

No worries. I use the next best thing: canned tomatoes.

And what if I want a sauce that has a heft more like a meat sauce, chunky, more complex than a simple tomato sauce (as good as that is), but I don’t want to use meat?

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