Old-fashioned Buttermilk Pie

buttermilk pie served with a bowl of raspberries

This is a story with a happy ending involving my delight upon discovering buttermilk pie. I never would have believed it, myself, but I swear it’s true. Please… pull up a chair.

A handful of years ago, my wife, Lady Suppertime, and I one day happened upon a hole-in-the-wall restaurant that proclaimed itself more specifically to be a roadside café. Given that it sat on the side of a road, albeit an old downtown street, who was I to argue?

Inside, we then had one of the best and most memorable meals we’ve had in our travels. A kitchen no doubt filled with loving ninja grandmothers wielding legendary cooking chops. (In my head there could be no other explanation for it.)

Would we like some dessert? Perhaps, a slice of buttermilk pie?

I sat there looking (proverbially) dazed and confused. So I’m told.

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