cioppino served with sourdough bread, lemon wedges, and an Anchor Steam beer

There exists no air of mystery around this dish. Cioppino is an Italian-American fisherman’s stew whose roots reach back to the coast of Italy but whose identity is firmly planted around the San Francisco Bay.

In years past, my travels for work allowed me the joy of devouring these steaming bowls of freshly-caught seafood in a broth steaming with tomatoes, wine, and usually a rich stock.

But this gourmet peasant food is too good to cook only on rare occasion.

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Simply Split Pea Soup

Bowl of split pea soup.

There are certain foods for all of us that trigger memories and good feelings and split pea soup is one of those for me. Granted, when I was a kid this was just a can of Campbell’s Soup but it was something I could make for myself. Nowadays, sadly, that can has some ingredients I’d rather avoid.

But the homemade recipe is super simple and it’s a very inexpensive way to feed a family in just a couple hours (and most of that is simmer time).

You in?

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