Ras el Hanout Spice Blend

ras el hanout in a small bowl with utensils in the background

I’ve been doing a lot of Moroccan and North African cooking lately and ras el hanout spice mix is used quite often.

This is one of my favorite spice blends simply because it’s never made exactly the same twice. You almost can’t do it wrong, instead, sometimes it’s much better than others. Sounds perfect for a cook like myself.

The name literally means top of the shop which means it’s the spice merchant’s very best blend. And the secret behind its ingredients and ratios is well-guarded. From ten to a hundred ingredients, depending.

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Homemade Blue Cheese Dressing

Why blue cheese dressing, you ask? My wife and I recently drove forty-five minutes just to taste what had been voted (by some) as the best buffalo chicken wings in the city.

And they were super and certainly lived up to the hype. But the blue cheese dressing was terrible. I mean… just bad.

Now, my wife won’t eat buffalo anything without the dressing, it’s too spicy hot for her without it. So she brought most of hers home so I could “fix” it.

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Im-Pasta (meatless) Sauce

A go-to marinara with cremini mushrooms and chickpeas standing in for ground beef. Filling but lighter, still protein-rich, and delicious. Visit suppertimeblues.com to learn more.

I’ve shared my fresh tomato sauce before. But what happens when tomatoes are out of season? Besides general sadness, that is.

No worries. I use the next best thing: canned tomatoes.

And what if I want a sauce that has a heft more like a meat sauce, chunky, more complex than a simple tomato sauce (as good as that is), but I don’t want to use meat?

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