Im-Pasta Sauce

A go-to marinara with cremini mushrooms and chickpeas standing in for ground beef. Filling but lighter, still protein-rich, and delicious. Visit to learn more.

I’ve shared my fresh tomato sauce before. But what happens when tomatoes are out of season? Besides general sadness, that is.

No worries. I use the next best thing: canned tomatoes.

And what if I want a sauce that has a heft more like a meat sauce, chunky, more complex than a simple tomato sauce (as good as that is), but I don’t want to use meat?

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Simple Fresh Tomato Sauce

Fresh tomato sauce tastes so good and is so easy. It's time to go jar-free! Visit to learn more.

Sometimes the dinner plan doesn’t sound quite as good at this very moment as you’d hoped. And it’ll be fine… tomorrow. Promise.

Sound familiar?

It helps to have some back-pocket go-to easy-as-can-be dishes which you can conjure out of the pantry, freezer, quick drop-in at the grocery on the way home, or a farmers market if it’s not wintertime.

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