kushari served on a plate

I watched Tony Bourdain eat kushari on a No Reservations: Egypt episode and it looked and sounded amazing to me.

And though he didn’t call it the national dish of Egypt, I have heard some do so.

However, I have seen the name of the dish spelled several different ways: kusheri, kushary, koshari, koshary, and others.

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Farro with Peas and Mushrooms

Farro with Peas and Mushrooms. A delicious, easy, and healthy dish perfect with a variety of lunches and dinners. Visit suppertimeblues.com to learn more.

What is farro? I know, lots of people have never heard of it. Honestly, I hadn’t either until a few years ago. And that’s understandable.

Farro is wheat but tastes, to me at least, nutty and rich and is a bit chewy — in a good way. An ancient staple grain in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, especially in Ancient Rome, it largely disappeared in favor of wheat varieties that were easier and cheaper to grow.

However, I’ve noticed it’s made a comeback of sorts and I’ve seen it popping up on restaurant menus. Farro’s not too hard to find in the grocery store these days either.

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