A quick chicken breast with lemon and parsley

chicken breast with lemon and parsley

Time to make supper and a chicken breast sliced thin and quickly sautéed with a lemon and parsley sauce sounds like the perfect entrée tonight. Once again, proof that simple food can taste amazing. This dish falls under my pantry simple recipes.

Chicken breasts should thaw in the refrigerator overnight. We all know that. But what if I didn’t plan ahead? (‘Cause that never happens….)

No problem.

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A Simple French Bread Baguette

French bread baguette slice

Julia Child once said, “How can a nation be called great if its bread tastes like Kleenex?”

I agree wholeheartedly. If you’re lucky enough to have a good bakery nearby, one where you can taste the care and skill and love and one you can afford regularly, cherish it and the baker inside. They are a gift.

Likewise, if someone in your life can make a good crusty loaf which you get to look forward to, cherish them and don’t take it for granted. (And let them know!)

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Egg, Lemon, and Chicken Soup

A bowl of egg, lemon, and chicken soup.

My wife regularly gets after me to make this soup. Most people know it as the Greek dish Avgolemono but there are versions of it all over the Mediterranean and Middle East.

Like grilled cheese and apple pie, the name of the dish pretty well describes it. It’s based on a simple sauce of eggs and lemon juice (great by itself over meat or vegetables) which is then added to a simple chicken soup.

No more, no less, but super easy and pantry simple. Singing my song.

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