Suppertime Blues Jambalaya

Jambalaya is a stew of rice, meat, and vegetables with traditional New Orleans spices that is affordable, wholesome, and easy to make. Visit to learn more.

Jambalaya is one of my top ten favorite foods. It’s delicious, simple to make, nourishing, and affordable.

Rice with meat, vegetables, and spices. It’s a common combination dish across so many different cultures. The spices vary, to be sure, and the meats and produce are more-or-less based on availability. But the concept is basically the same.

It’s also one of the great answers to the what should I do with these leftovers question.

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Chicken and Forty Cloves of Garlic

braised chicken and forty cloves of garlic on a serving platter

I’m searching for the right word. Maybe you can help me?

Every once in a while, you share a special meal with someone or a few someones. And it’s a magical event. You’re so close to each other, if for no other occasion than this meal.

You can look back on such a memory, which almost always stretched well into the evening or nighttime, and remember it as being somehow deeper than most others. Something special was shared. It’s hard to explain, perhaps harder to describe.  But hopefully, you recognize it.

But you can’t plan for it. You can’t make it happen at will. It just does.

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