Cream Biscuit Donuts

Cream Biscuit Donuts are a guilty pleasure, no doubt, but so is any donut, right?. (The kids will think you're a wizard!) Visit to learn more.

Warning: This is a New Year’s resolution buster recipe so if you’re on that path then turn back now. If you’re not, all things in moderation and full speed ahead!

When I was younger, we would make improvised donuts from the Pillsbury biscuit tube. I know I’m not alone on this. But… what if you made your own biscuits? Rich and cream-based, not buttermilk. Would it still be special? (Spoiler alert: YES!!)

No, they’re not real doughnuts (notice the more formal spelling and, if you could hear me say it aloud, the semi-reverential whisper). But on a sleepy weekend morning when the kids are hoping for something more than the everyday steel-cut oatmeal and berries? These rock.

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Pumpkin Rye Bread

So many quick bread recipes are often too sweet for us but this one is simply outstanding with the nuttiness of the rye flour and using olive oil instead of butter. Visit to learn more.

The danger (?) of buying ingredients at stores like Costco is now you own A LOT of whatever. This year I came home with a goodly amount of organic canned pumpkin. A very tasty pumpkin, I might add. So I went in search of some new ways to use it and I found this recipe.

And as you know, I love using rye flour! This is similar to my banana bread recipe too.

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