Lodi Apple Chutney

Apple chutney is a sweet and sour applesauce kicked up. Goes great with pork chops or ham. Visit suppertimeblues.com to learn more.

I picked up some Lodi apples at the farmers market last weekend.

It’s an early season apple, tart, juicy, and usually ends up as apple sauce and I’ve never seen them in a grocery store. (My understanding is they don’t hold up well over time.)

I also had a pair of beautiful butterfly pork chops to fix for supper and, as much as I like applesauce, I thought an apple chutney would go with those even better.

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Green Beans with Tomato, Potato, and Onion

Market-fresh green beans, potato, tomato, and onions cooked until just tender and spiced liberally is a simple, affordable, and delicious side dish to any meal. Visit suppertimeblues.com to learn more.

My grandmother-in-law lived in Istanbul, along with grandfather-in-law, and when we’d visit she would often serve a side dish of fresh green beans, tomato, potato, and onion with some spices. The freshness of the vegetables made their flavors intense. Which is one reason I treasure having an every-other-day farmers market in season.

I’ve had similar dishes fairly common in Mediterranean restaurants but there was something about just picked and just brought to town and just cooked by Grandma that made the memory almost as comforting as the dish itself.

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