My Wooden Spoons

Just a quick note.

There’s just nothing better to cook with than a sturdy wooden spoon. It’s the cook’s wizard wand.

They’re not usually too expensive but they are way too often flimsy or cheaply made.


I hand wash wood (utensils, cutting boards, bowls, etc.), no dishwashers, but even still I have to occasionally replace an old spoon. And they typically last long enough that you can’t find your old ones again.

Luckily, not too long ago I found these, from IKEA. They’re beech (I like it much better than bamboo, personally), well-made, quite sturdy, and… inexpensive.

They are $1.79 each.

Note: don’t fall for people reselling them on eBay or Amazon or wherever else for a lot more.


IKEA RÖRT wooden spoon

IKEA RÖRT flat edge wooden spoon


I know the OXO spoons are probably the most popular. And, for me, they’re okay enough. But I like these A LOT MORE and they cost A LOT LESS.


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