Fresh Pasta, a Love Story

Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, I use dried pasta. But… fresh pasta is full out amazing. It can be life-changing food when done well.

Me and the kid decided to make a special dinner. Chicken broccoli Alfredo, a side of maple glazed rainbow carrots, and a round of garlic rosemary focaccia. We also decided to make fresh pasta, or pasta fresca, to add that extra something special.

For the record, the kid did most of the work on the pasta. I made the sauce and sides. Whenever you can, spend some time in the kitchen with the people you love and make some memories.

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Simplest Possible Meatballs

I made a simple fresh tomato sauce the other day and I also served these meatballs.

Now, I have maybe a dozen different meatball recipes or variations which I like to make. But sometimes people love a simple plain meatball way more than anything complicated.

You have to use good quality meat! Preferably local grass-fed beef if possible. After that, I’ll keep it simple.

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