Greek Pasta Salad is an easy, healthy, and affordable side dish or starter that can be made ahead of time and keeps well in the refrigerator. Visit to learn more.

Greek Pasta Salad

Finally, a sunny day after a long week of rainy days. I thought I’d celebrate with some bright colors of my own by making a big bowl of Greek Pasta Salad.

Delicious, quick, easy, affordable, and healthy. Hard to beat that! And try it with some pita bread.

And you know I love dishes which I can pull together from a trip to the local farmers market and some odds and ends out of the pantry.

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A fresh bunch of carrots is a thing of beauty. And they are so easy to cook. Visit to learn more.

Honey Ginger Carrots

A fresh bunch of carrots is a thing of beauty.

And cooking them doesn’t have to be difficult. Earlier this past summer I shared my roasted carrots with carrot-top salsa verde. Today I want to share an even simpler technique of preparing them.

But I’ll warn you now, I don’t like mushy carrots. Truth be told, I don’t like most vegetables mushy. Not even peas (sorry, England).

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Refrigerator pickles are so easy, healthy, and affordable. And good? Oh wow. Visit to learn more.

Refrigerator Pickles

When you go to a farmers market and you see all those beautiful cucumbers, you want to make pickles. It can’t just be me? But sadly, like so many other foods we grew up with, the grocery store brands leave something to be desired in terms of ingredients and healthiness.

This is maybe ten minutes worth of work plus some time to sit.

So good. So easy. So affordable. Perfect.

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American potato salad is the perfect side for picnics, potlucks, or dinners from the backyard grill. Why? Because it's so good! Visit to learn more.

American Potato Salad

This was dinner last night, mostly cooked from ingredients found at the local farmers market. American potato salad, hamburgers, corn on the cob, and refrigerator pickles. (Not everybody had a pickle which I may never fully understand.)

You know I love German potato salad, and even French, but American is a classic.

If you lose this recipe, you can invariably find it in every cookbook and on the back of every mayonnaise jar ever printed.

And we all tweak it. And every family insists, rightly so, theirs is the best.

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