I’m glad you’re here! Can I fix you something?

Farmers market vegetables on the work table.

“You’re in the happiness business!”
– Phil Rosenthal, Somebody Feed Phil, speaking of people who cook for others

Putting delicious, healthy, and affordable food on the table every day grows more challenging all the time. I think we need to fix that.

I believe anyone can cook if they want to learn how. Some better than others perhaps, sure. But a little knowledge, a little practice, and good ingredients work magic.


Myself, I passionately love to cook for people.

Cooking lets me nurture and nourish the people in my world and, if I do it reasonably well, it makes them happy. I can create something beautiful. Which gives me joy.

By nature, I’m somewhat a kitchen scholar. I read, learn, listen, watch, experiment, evaluate, and repeat. And then I like to write about it and share what I’ve got with others.

Just so you know, I am not the food police. More of a private investigator perhaps.

Suppertime Blues kitchen

Why Suppertime Blues?

“For a while it used to be that food was all you could eat. Today there are thousands of other edible foodlike substances in the supermarket.”
— Michael Pollan, In Defense of Food

Look, there are more than a billion recipes on the internet. Add to that all the cookbooks ever published and all the videos uploaded and holy fridge magnets, chum, that’s overwhelming and stressful. If we Google “best meatloaf recipe” we’ll get 2,690,000 results. (As of this moment.) Yes, more than two-and-a-half-million best meatloaf recipes. Where do we even start with that?

More concerning, as Michael Pollan points out, there’s a lot of so-called food out there we probably shouldn’t be eating. I am a fanatical label reader and I try hard not to eat poison. Or stuff that isn’t food.

And by-the-way, have you been to a grocery store lately? In the early 20th century, a grocery store had maybe 200 products on the shelves. By 1975 it was almost 9,000. And now it’s 40,000-50,000 on average.

So what do we buy? Whatever’s most familiar, cheapest, has the best commercial, or a groovy-looking label. There’s got to be a better way.

Me and my oldest kid with a guitar

Who am I?

“I think careful cooking is love, don’t you?”
– Julia Child

I cooked professionally once upon a time. And I even had a bit of formal training. Spent a few years of cooking in real restaurants. But then, like so many of my time, I got a “good job” writing code and lots of years slipped away. Happy years, and I still cook(ed) for my family, just not for a paycheck. More than twenty years later, busking the c-suite of the Fortune 500 as an Innovation Strategist, Distinguished Engineer, Master Technologist, Enterprise Architect, and a bunch of other fancy titles. Until I finally have had enough of orbiting the giant hairball and more than my fill of airports, hotels, rental cars, and conference rooms.

For more than thirty-six years I have been married to my very bestest friend in the world, my stalwart companion in great adventure, my lady fair. The love of my life.

Our two kids amaze me every day in their fight to be their most authentic them. Both are loving and caring and kind and smart and talented.

And for all of this, I am astoundingly grateful.


Thank you so much for dropping by,

Bill (signature)