American potato salad is the perfect side for picnics, potlucks, or dinners from the backyard grill. Why? Because it's so good! Visit to learn more.

American Potato Salad

This was dinner last night, mostly cooked from ingredients found at the local farmers market. American potato salad, hamburgers, corn on the cob, and refrigerator pickles. (Not everybody had a pickle which I may never fully understand.)

You know I love German potato salad, and even French, but American is a classic.

If you lose this recipe, you can invariably find it in every cookbook and on the back of every mayonnaise jar ever printed.

And we all tweak it. And every family insists, rightly so, theirs is the best.

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Apple chutney is a sweet and sour applesauce kicked up. Goes great with pork chops or ham. Visit to learn more.

Lodi Apple Chutney

I picked up some Lodi apples at the farmers market last weekend.

It’s an early season apple, tart, juicy, and usually ends up as apple sauce and I’ve never seen them in a grocery store. (My understanding is they don’t hold up well over time.)

I also had a pair of beautiful butterfly pork chops to fix for supper and, as much as I like applesauce, I thought an apple chutney would go with those even better.

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