Apple, Manchego, and Proscuitto Crostini

apple manchego proscuitto crostini on a cutting board

I have unexpected guests. And they’re hungry but not “hungry.” And besides, as much as I love to cook, I want to spend time visiting with them right now.

Quick look in the refrigerator and pantry… I see one of my baguettes. Appetizers? A-ha! Crostini! We’ll get fancy and call it small bites. No wait, small plates!

What else … couple of apples, few brown bananas – nope, those aspire to be banana bread, what else … bit of cheese, and … a little prosciutto. Excellent.

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Simply Split Pea Soup

Bowl of split pea soup.

There are certain foods for all of us that trigger memories and good feelings and split pea soup is one of those for me. Granted, when I was a kid this was just a can of Campbell’s Soup but it was something I could make for myself. Nowadays, sadly, that can has some ingredients I’d rather avoid.

But the homemade recipe is super simple and it’s a very inexpensive way to feed a family in just a couple hours (and most of that is simmer time).

You in?

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Spinach Potato Cakes

spinach potato cakes served on a plate

A fantastic Mediterranean side dish, spinach potato cakes pair well with a variety of entrées or can serve as a light lunch by themselves. And the batter can be made the day before, sealed tight, and kept in the refrigerator until you’re ready to cook.

The spinach, young potatoes, and farm fresh eggs are popping up at the markets now (spring).

Good feta should be easy enough to hunt down at your local grocery.

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