Classic shortbread is as easy to make as 1-2-3. How can something this delicious, easy to make, and affordable be so good? Visit to learn more.

Classic Shortbread

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about making lemon curd and a couple of people asked, “That’s nice, but what about the shortbread?”

If you’re looking for a quick cookie fix, something to go with fresh fruit from the farmers market perhaps, or you’re caught off guard again by the kid’s bake sale who forgot to tell you is due tomorrow morning, well, this might be your cookie.

As easy as 1-2-3.

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A classic goulash is the tenderest meats, cooked low and slow in an incredibly rich and deeply spiced broth, until it's silky smooth. Visit to learn more.

Classic Beef Goulash

A lot of us grew up thinking goulash was something like Beefaroni. And while there are many recipes like that, all perfectly fine, that’s not what I was cooking for our 35th wedding anniversary dinner!

No, I wanted a slow-braised and more traditional Eastern European beef goulash, a peasant dish, incredibly rich and deeply-spiced stew to serve over egg noodles.

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Sheet pan roasted vegetables are a quick and easy way to prepare, cook, and serve fresh healthy food that your family will love. Visit to learn more.

Sheet Pan Roasted Vegetables

For all but the winter months, Saturday morning means Farmers Market for us. We are incredibly fortunate to have a vibrant farming community and, three times each week, the opportunity to get our hands on some of the best food you can imagine. This week we found beautiful asparagus, strawberries, romaine, spinach, chard, green onions, and a dozen eggs.

Naturally, dinner that night included a sheet pan of simply roasted vegetables including the asparagus.

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Homemade pita bread, warm and pillow soft, is a joy to cook and serve. Visit to learn more.

Pita Bread Blues

Those little restaurant moments we look forward to, perhaps even unknowingly, which make the experience just a bit more special. One of my favorites is fresh, warm, homemade pita bread.  Pillow soft and light….

You can tell when they are homemade. Instantly.

And when they’re not, you’re a little sad. Right?

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